The Service desk Health-RI  Limburg is the place you can ask all your research questions. Our policy: One stop shopping.

Health-RI is the Dutch national initiative to facilitate and stimulate an integrated health data infrastructure accessible for researchers, citizens, care providers and industry. It will enable optimal use of health data, samples and images, a learning healthcare system and accelerate personalized health.
This also means close cooperation within the region. The services are therefore also available to our regional partners. You can contact the Health-RI service desk Limburg for all your questions about research and services in the Life Sciences domain. Contact us for questions about:

  • Advice on how MUMC+ can support your research
  • Use of tools and services

All calls and requests will automatically be forwarded to the operators of the Service Desk. If the issue requires extra attention, experts will be called in to respond to your call and will contact you to solve your issue.

Marion Feijge

Coordinator Service Desk Health-RI Limburg

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