The main goal of the ELSI network is to harmonize at national level the approach that the different stakeholders have regarding ethical, legal and social aspects

Health RI’s main goal is to build a nationwide health data infrastructure to share data for scientific research. The (re-)use of health data is important for research, particularly for: innovation, evaluation and quality management. However it creates legal, social and ethical issues that need to be assessed and aligned at national level so all stakeholders can approach them at the same time, and in the same way, within The Netherlands. Achieving national alignment, transposing national standards into practice, and offering service and support are the main objectives of the ELSI team.

Health-RI coordinators are the local spokespeople who ensure that national developments are known and implemented within their region, and that the needs of local institutions are heard and understood within ELSI.

A Schroten

Health-RI coordinator ELSI MUMC+ & Member of GDPR-team FHML

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